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Movie Poster Font Pack

Curated by Yves Peters

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Yves Peters on type in movie posters

Examining and reviewing movie posters for my ScreenFonts series for over a decade has made me aware of the typographic trends in this medium. By using specific typefaces, designers communicate mood and meaning more efficiently. This is not random: as humans, we associate particular (letter) shapes with particular notions. It has led the film industry to develop a graphic language where distinct genres each have their recognizable type styles.

Letterforms can not only amplify, but also steer, change, and even contradict the meaning of the words they spell out. You can learn to master this subliminal language by observing how others have done it before you. Movie posters are an excellent teaching medium, because it’s easy to figure out which genre they advertise. This Movie Poster font pack offers a set of typefaces commonly associated with ten popular film genres.

  • Comedies use bold sans serif faces, most often in red, and Asphalt Black’s bouncy baseline only adds to its jovial appearance.
  • If the comedy is adult-oriented, a round and chubby display serif like Kopius Black is preferred.
  • Agency FB Bold Extended’s square shapes confidently shoulder any action movie.
  • Choose them narrower and space them out a little, and you have Agency FB Bold spell out “science fiction.”
  • The extended, slanted Condor Wide Black Italic whiz by at high speed if the action is fast.
  • The gritty, wood-type-inspired Rhode Black Condensed exudes a streetwise, neo-noir atmosphere.
  • Westerns lean on reverse-contrast wood-type styles like the exuberant display slab Manicotti.
  • The delicate hairlines and refined contrast of Escrow Banner Light are the perfect match for romantic comedies.
  • And what says epic, inspirational movie better than the classic chiseled looks of Canto, inspired by the capitals carved in the base of the Trajan column in Rome and augmented with a lowercase complement.
  • Finally, Navigo puts a contemporary twist on the cerebral, understated look of indie movie posters.

The names referred to in the product demo are for demonstration purposes only and are not intended to refer to any actual organization, film, artist, products or services.

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Available with CC

About Yves Peters

Bald Condensed, né Yves Peters, is a Belgian-based rock drummer known for his astute observations on the impact of letterforms in the contemporary culture-sphere. A prolific writer on typography, he has a singular knack for identifying the most obscure typefaces known to humankind.

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