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About this font

How would a classical Typeface look, if it was cut out of an indefinite material like Potatoes? That was the Question when we started this project. HVD Bodedo is made out of 8 kg Potatoes. It’s based on a classical typeface like Bodoni. Four friends cut potatoes all night long in the kitchen, then printed it on paper and scanned the prints. HVD Bodedo, Dirty like shit, but noble like a classic concert.

About HVD Fonts

After completing his studies (graphic design) in 2005, Hannes von Döhren worked in an advertising agency in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2007 he has been working as a freelance graphic- and type designer in Berlin. Von Döhren previously released several typefaces through Linotype, ITC and T26. He now releases some typefaces through his HVD Fonts foundry.

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Learning Curve


About this font

Learning Curve has had a major update! This font mimics traditional cursive lettering practice worksheets but is more modernized and a style that I developed from my own handwriting. What I like most about this font is that it looks like a robot made it. I'm not sure if you'd want to actually use it to teach penmanship but who am I to say?

About BV Fonts

Jess Latham began designing typefaces in 1997. His foundry focuses mainly on display faces and ornamentals. Many of his commercial typefaces have made it to the myfonts.com best sellers list. Some of his clients include: Martha Stewart, Snapple, and National Geographic.

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Typekit is the easiest way to get real fonts on your website. We work with some of the best type foundries in the world to make sure you and your clients can use fonts legally. Just drop a line of javascript into your pages, and we take care of the rest.