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About this font

Corpulent is a display font whose forms are extremely thick, up to the extent of being nearly illegible. In 1980s, these construction principles were explored to their very limit. So if the lyrics of Eyes Without a Face resonate in your mind, the feet turn numb in super-tight trousers, and you fancy a big hair style, this font is the one for you.

About Suitcase Type Foundry

Suitcase Type Foundry is an independent type foundry, founded by Tomas Brousil in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic. They specialize in the design and digitization of quality fonts for professional use. Apart from retail type, they also produce custom typefaces for corporate use and other specific purposes on commission. The fonts in their library have been designed with utmost care and are meticulously kerned and hinted.

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About TypeTogether

Veronika Burian and José Scaglione met at the University of Reading whilst completing their MAs in Type Design, launching the independent type foundry TypeTogether in 2006.

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Adobe Fonts is the easiest way to get real fonts on your website. We work with some of the best type foundries in the world to make sure you and your clients can use fonts legally. Just drop a line of javascript into your pages, and we take care of the rest.