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Source Sans Pro


About this font

Source Sans Pro was designed by [Paul D. Hunt](http://www.adobe.com/products/type/font-designers/paul-hunt.html) under the guidance of [Robert Slimbach](http://www.adobe.com/products/type/font-designers/robert-slimbach.html). It is Adobe's first open source typeface family, conceived primarily as a typeface for user interfaces. Source Sans Pro draws inspiration from the clarity and legibility of twentieth-century American gothic typeface designs. Distilling the best archetypical qualities of these models, Paul followed a rational design approach by simplifying glyph shapes by paring them to their essential form. However, in order to more easily differentiate similar letter shapes (such as uppercase I and lowercase L), some additional details have been added. Besides providing such explicitly clarity in short text strings, another fundamental design consideration was to create a typeface that reads well in extended settings. This can be seen in the general proportions: Source Sans Pro has been designed with a more generous width than many other comparable gothics, and its shorter majuscule letters, combined with minuscule letters with longer extenders, create a more pleasant reading texture in longer text passages. Source Sans Pro currently supports a wide range of languages using Latin script. Additionally, this family supports modern and polytonic Greek and features coverage for extended Cyrillic. Other members of the greater Source type system include [Source Code Pro](https://typekit.com/fonts/source-code-pro), a monospaced version of Source Sans designed specifically for coding, and [Source Serif Pro](https://typekit.com/fonts/source-serif-pro).

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The Adobe Originals program started in 1989 as an in-house type foundry at Adobe, brought together to create original typefaces of exemplary design quality, technical fidelity, and aesthetic longevity. Today the Type team’s mission is to conduct original research and development for type at Adobe, making sophisticated and even experimental typefaces that explore the possibilities of design and technology. Typefaces released as Adobe Originals — fully-featured families and smaller “Concept” projects alike — are the result of years of work and study, regarded as industry standards for the ambition and quality of their development.

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