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Angie Sans Std


About this font

Angie Sans is a low contrast incised sans serif family which was issued one year before FF Angie (won a Morisawa awards in 1990) published by FontFont in 1995. Legibility is improved by keeping letter shapes open and distinct from one another. The Italics are lighter, narrower and more flowing than the romans. Each weight is complemented with lowercase figures and capitals figures.

About Typofonderie

Independent since 1994, we design, manufacture and distribute exclusive typefaces. Each of our meticulously built typefaces is the result of years of teamwork at Typofonderie. <br /> Typofonderie has become over the years, a real institution in France and abroad. Our customers recognize the longevity of our typefaces which add strength to their projects, from companies and brands to publications and institutions. Our typefaces are in the metro in Paris, as well as Osaka, l’Opéra de Paris, La Tour d’Argent, Vuitton, Séphora, Galeries Lafayette, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. But also in museums, in the Who’s Who, Wired, Dell, at the Boston Consulting Group, in the Alps thanks to SwissSki. Hillary Clinton and Emmanuel Macron used our typefaces during their presidential campaigns. The palais de l’Élysée uses three of our typefaces families for the identity and communication of the French president.

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About this font

Terfens is a sans serif with inspiration from chancery scripts like Stefania. Subtly rounded and eschewing harsh technical lines, Terfens is a warm and inviting typeface. Its tall x-height gives it a friendly but not overly informal feel. Its readability and unique contemporary look makes it suitable for a wide range of design applications.

About Insigne Design

Insigne Design has a wide range of quality typefaces, including sans serifs, scripts, text faces and experimental forms. Insigne is the foundry of Jeremy Dooley. Jeremy travels widely and has lived in Europe and the Middle East and is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design. Jeremy currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.

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