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FF Dagny Pro


About this font

In 2002, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) changed from broadsheet to tabloid. The change to tabloid called for a more compact setting and Pangea design was commissioned to produce a matching sans serif for Sweden’s largest daily newspaper. This became DN Grotesk which now has evolved into FF Dagny. Designed by Örjan Nordling and Göran Söderström.

About FontFont

The FontFont Library is the world's largest collection of original, contemporary typefaces. What makes the FontFont Library unique is its wide variety of outstanding type designs. The spectrum of styles ranges from tasteful, high-quality text faces to distinctive display fonts that reflect current moods and often set new typographic trends.

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LTC Bodoni 175


About this font

Giambattista Bodoni created this modern typeface in 1790 which served as the structural model for Sol Hess's faithful rendition. Hess made necessary adjustments for mechanical typesetting on Lanston's Monotype composition system. This font was remastered in 2006 by Paul Hunt.

About Lanston Type

Lanston Type's rich history dates back to 1887 when Tolbert Lanston received his first patent for a mechanical typesetting device. Lanston grew rapidly with America's pre-eminent type designer, Frederic Goudy, until the company found its way to master printer Gerald Giampa. Under his stewardship, Lanston faces were digitized in a style that was true to the sources. In 2004, Lanston came under the care of a new steward: P22 type foundry.

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Museo Sans


About this font

Museo Sans is based on the well-known Museo. It is a sturdy, low contrast, fairly geometrical, highly legible sans serif typeface very well suited for any display and text use. See also: [Museo Sans Display](https://typekit.com/fonts/museo-sans-display) • [Museo Sans Condensed](https://typekit.com/fonts/museo-sans-condensed) • [Museo Sans Rounded](https://typekit.com/fonts/museo-sans-rounded)

About exljbris Font Foundry

Jos Buivenga lives and works in Arnhem. He started designing type in 1994 and started his exljbris Font Foundry ten years later. He is most known for his Museo font family and also for the way he markets his typefaces.

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Proxima Nova


About this font

Proxima Nova (2005) is a complete reworking of Proxima Sans (1994). The original six fonts (three weights with italics) have been expanded to 42 full-featured OpenType fonts. Proxima Nova straddles the gap between typefaces like Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk. The result is a hybrid combining humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance.

About Mark Simonson Studio

Mark Simonson founded his studio specializing in lettering and typography in 2000. He had started out as a graphic designer and illustrator in 1976 working as an art director on a number of magazines as well as Minnesota Public Radio. Mark started licensing fonts to FontHaus in 1992 and now has over 100 fonts on the market.

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About this font

An ultra black display face with tons of personality. From editorial to identity design, Quatro makes any design come to life on the page.

About ps Type

psType is an independent digital type lab based in Southern California. Founded in 2008 by Mark Caneso, psType acts as the typographic side of pprwrk studio. Offering contemporary designs both for retail and custom applications.

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Typekit is the easiest way to get real fonts on your website. We work with some of the best type foundries in the world to make sure you and your clients can use fonts legally. Just drop a line of javascript into your pages, and we take care of the rest.