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Acumin Pro


About this font

Acumin is a versatile sans-serif typeface family that is equally at home in text and headline settings. It’s especially suitable for use in information design and anywhere a clean, modern aesthetic is needed. This original design by Adobe’s principal designer Robert Slimbach brings a subtle balance to the architectural and modular form central to the neo-grotesque tradition. Find [more resources on the Acumin website](http://acumin.typekit.com), including design and usage notes from [Robert Slimbach](http://www.adobe.com/products/type/font-designers/robert-slimbach.html), an in-depth background from type historian [John Berry](http://johndberry.com/), and testing tools for trying out the typeface in your browser. [Extra Condensed](https://typekit.com/fonts/acumin-pro-extra-condensed) • [Semi Condensed](https://typekit.com/fonts/acumin-pro-semi-condensed) • [Condensed](https://typekit.com/fonts/acumin-pro-condensed) • [Normal](https://typekit.com/fonts/acumin-pro) • [Wide](https://typekit.com/fonts/acumin-pro-wide) [![http://acumin.typekit.com](https://typekit.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/acumin-widths-11.png)](http://acumin.typekit.com)

About Adobe Originals

The Adobe Originals program started in 1989 as an in-house type foundry at Adobe, brought together to create original typefaces of exemplary design quality, technical fidelity, and aesthetic longevity. Today the Type team’s mission is to conduct original research and development for type at Adobe, making sophisticated and even experimental typefaces that explore the possibilities of design and technology. Typefaces released as Adobe Originals — fully-featured families and smaller “Concept” projects alike — are the result of years of work and study, regarded as industry standards for the ambition and quality of their development.

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Omnes Pro


About this font

Originally conceived as the brand typeface for a national retail chain, Omnes meets the need for a rounded typeface which is neither overly mannered nor excessively literal in its approach. Selective rounding adds subtle texture & circumvents the ‘sausage-link’ effect, while non-geometric forms pay homage to 19th-century rounded Grotesques which appeared well before the crisp visual style of the Bauhaus.

About Darden Studio

Darden Studio pursues typography that is the result of earnest inquiry, suited to contemporary technical and design expectations, and rooted in the values and practices of five centuries of typefounding. We publish work that we want to experience in the hands of others and to use ourselves.

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About Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts is the easiest way to get real fonts on your website. We work with some of the best type foundries in the world to make sure you and your clients can use fonts legally. Just drop a line of javascript into your pages, and we take care of the rest.