Typefaces used on NYT Movie Reviews

Brandon Grotesque


About this font

Brandon Grotesque has a functional look with a warm touch. While the thin and the black weights are great performers in display sizes the light, regular and medium weights are well suited to longer texts. The small x-height and the restrained forms lend it a distinctive elegance.

About HVD Fonts

After completing his studies (graphic design) in 2005, Hannes von Döhren worked in an advertising agency in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2007 he has been working as a freelance graphic- and type designer in Berlin. Von Döhren previously released several typefaces through Linotype, ITC and T26. He now releases some typefaces through his HVD Fonts foundry.

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Rooney Web


About this font

Rooney is a serif typeface with a warm and friendly feel. Rounded serifs and terminals create a strong impression in large headlines, while running text becomes soft and sympathetic when set in small sizes.

About Jan Fromm

Jan studied communication design at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. His interest in typography turned into a passion when he attended the type design lessons of Lucas (de) Groot. During that time he gained a deep understanding of typography as a basic element of visual design. Since 2003 he has been working as a freelance type designer. Besides drawing letters and logos, he is also involved in several web design projects.

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