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Jinky Regular

The service used to deliver this font for use on websites is provided by Adobe Fonts and is subject to the Adobe Terms of Use. Further use and distribution of the font is subject to the terms below.


Rotodesign License

Congratulations on your download of this fine Rotodesign brand font product. We hope it will bring you many hours of typesetting pleasure and riches beyond your wildest dreams. We DO NOT, however, guarantee either of these things. Your mileage may vary.

This font is freeware, and is provided with no warranties as to its quality or its utility. After all, how much did you pay? Anyway, this font can be copied and used as you wish provided all copies include this readme file. Don’t lie to your friends and tell ‘em you made it yourself. You only cheat yourself when you do that. In the unlikely event you use this font to design something really cool or that makes you a ton of cash money, that’s okay with me, just send me a copy or two of the finished item, and remember me when you get rich and famous. Enjoy!

Patrick Broderick

1288 Columbus Ave. #176
San Francisco, CA 94133