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I Love Sans

Curated by Design Army

Why did you select this theme?

Because we love sans-serif! It’s bold, clean, and modern. It gives us a lot of textures to work with. Sans-serif is flexible — from thick to thin, to short and tall, and to bold and refined. It can be industrial, elegant, luxurious, or architectural.

Why did you select these typefaces?

Because there’s an honesty to them. Simple, direct — no fluff.

What is your process for selecting typefaces?

We always think that form follows feeling. First, define the emotion. Strong and bold? Whimsical and fun? Delicate and elegant? Aggressive and loud? Happy and energetic? Serious and academic? Identify that feeling, and then look at the form that reflects it the best.

What is your advice for designers working with fonts?

Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment! The more you work with type, the better you become. If you pick three fonts, you aren’t going to settle for one or two design combinations. You’re going to play, trying different combinations to see what they express. Sometimes the answer is the first group you found, other times maybe the fiftieth combination. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

What is your advice for people new to typography?

Observe everything around you. The world is filled with typography. Print advertising. Billboards. Movie title and credits. Store signage. Shampoo bottles. Digital media. Every product and media channel uses type. Pay attention to how type is used to express a brand. We also suggest looking at artists who use type to create their art. Learn how to the build design with the type that you love. Collect fonts and get familiar with different styles and characteristics.

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