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Aurelien Vret

Aurélien Vret is a multidisciplinary artist as well typeface designer. Born in Noisy-le-Sec in 1987, he studied visual art at the fine arts school in Toulouse (Isdat). He learned graphic design in Romain-Paul Lefèvre’s studio, digital art with Etienne Cliquet and type design with François Chastanet. He obtained his B.F.A in 2010.

Aurelien Vret has exhibited in various contemporary art institutions in Paris and Toulouse. He participated in a collective exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris in 2016, organized by the platform dedicated to the young artists with whom he collaborates. Thanks to DICRéAM aid from the Ministry of Culture, he currently works on a digital artwork production in collaboration with a digital art center, Le Cube. This piece mix face tracking technologies and typeface interpolation software.