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Eisen Tsunanori 綱紀栄泉

Calligrapher (under the pseudonym of Eisen Tsunanori; the real name is Tsunanori Sakaguchi).

Eisen Tunanori was born in Kagoshima Prefecture in November 1935 and raised for a period of time in Taiwan.
As a child, he enjoyed drawing and painting. In his fourth year of elementary school, his teacher asked him to help fundraise for the school by painting pictures. The pictures were mounted in hanging scrolls and sold to another school, with the income going toward the cost of purchasing books.
Although he once aimed to be a painter, he later decided to make use of his painting skills as a sign maker, and went to Tokyo to work as an apprentice. At 25, he returned to his homeland to start a sign business. Since then, he ha devoted his time to the practice of lettering. Despite having suffered hardships, including a big fire, his talent not only in painting but also calligraphy has continued to blossom to this day.