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Kentaro Noritake

Noritake was born in 1976. A father of two children, he lives in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture. At the age of 26, he suddenly developed a panic disorder. After much learning and many realizations, he now works as a psychological counselor, a Master of calligraphy in the style of the Onore Sho Nippon school and a YouTube personality focused on “how to live a live that is uniquely one’s own”. In 2011, he started learning from Sugiura, the Master of Onore Sho Nippon school. In 2013, he started his own Onore Sho Taro Dojo school, serving as the Master.
Although in the beginning he was not good at writing and painting, he has since become good at teaching how to create good and attractive works.
His popular calligraphic works offer clear messages to lighten people’s hearts.
Noritrake is Representative Director of GSC Co., Ltd., Star Master of General Incorporated Association Onore Sho Nippon, Representative of Onore Sho Taro Dojo, and a YouTuber.