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Yong-rak Park 박용락

Yong-rak Park was born in Seoul, South Korea. He majored in Visual Design at Dankook University. While working at Yoon Deisgn for 8 years, he gained experience in Body text font by producing a number of fonts such as Yoon Gothic and Yoon Myeongjo Series. In 2005, he co-founded Fontrix. Developing Nanum Myeongjo and exclusive fonts for Hyundai Card and Samsung, he began to gain a reputation as a font designer. He was directly involved with the production and direction of about 1,000 types of commercial fonts including Rix Gothic and Rix Myeongjo. In 2020, the RixRak series received the Grand Prize of the K-Design Award. He is one of the most competent designers working in the field of Korea.