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About Bungee

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Hailing from Southern California, David Jonathan Ross started drawing type during his time at Hampshire College in Western Massachusetts. There he began a handful of designs, including a funky Wild West face called Manicotti. From reversed stress slab serifs of the 19th century to Art Deco sans serifs of the 20th, Ross ransacks forgotten and pigeonholed lettering styles and searches for new approaches to the same old alphabet.

Open source details

Bungee is available via an open source license. You're free to use it with your Adobe Fonts account just as you would any other font in the Adobe Fonts library. For information regarding other uses of Bungee, see copyright and license details for Bungee Regular, Bungee Hairline, Bungee Inline, Bungee Outline, and Bungee Shade.

Type Designer

Type Designers

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How to Use

You may encounter slight variations in the name of this font, depending on where you use it. Here’s what to look for.


In application font menus, this font will display:

{{familyCtrl.selectedVariation.preferred_family_name}} {{familyCtrl.selectedVariation.preferred_subfamily_name}}


To use this font on your website, use the following CSS:

font-family: {{'"', '').replace('",', ', ')}};
font-style: italicnormal;
font-weight: {{familyCtrl.selectedVariation.font.web.weight}};

Glyph Support & Stylistic Filters

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