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Our Marketplace puts even more fonts right where you need them

Marketplace is your hub for finding and buying great fonts from some of the biggest names in the type world. It's never been easier to find the type you need.

How it works

You don’t need a paid subscription plan to get fonts from Marketplace. A free Creative Cloud account is all you need to get connected.


Dive right in and let inspiration strike, or use our filters to narrow your search.


Choose the specific fonts you need, or spring for a complete package.


The fonts you buy will appear in your Purchases, ready to add to web projects or activate on your desktop.

Why aren't these fonts included with my subscription?

Simply put, because their designers value them differently and have set prices accordingly. You'll recognize several of our existing foundry partners in the Marketplace, as well as many more we're delighted to offer.

Why deal with Creative Cloud if I’m not a subscriber?

We use Creative Cloud software as a framework to manage your purchased fonts across your desktop applications. It's always free to sign up, and we won't charge you a cent until you tell us you'd like to buy something.

More questions?

We’ve got answers! Licensing, terms of use, and more are all covered in our Help pages.