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Synaesthesic Fonts to Stimulate the Senses

Curated by Sarah Hyndman

Spice up your words, sweeten your glyphs and make your type tingle. This collection of synaesthesic fonts has been curated to transform the mood and to stimulate all of the senses. Fonts can change the meaning of a word from sweet and tempting to tantalising or intense. They alter the atmosphere and make your messaging more memorable by inspiring a sensory response. Explore this collection of synaesthesic fonts — how does each one make you feel?

Watch Sarah Hyndman’s virtual talk from Adobe MAX 2022 “Consuming Typography: The Experience from Brain to Senses”

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About Sarah Hyndman

Sarah Hyndman is the author of Why Fonts Matter and founder of Type Tasting. She co-publishes multisensory typography studies with Professor Charles Spence from the University of Oxford. She creates immersive, multisensory events and installations that transform what people think, feel and do.