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The Resistance Pack

Curated by Bonnie Siegler

Tell us a little about why you selected this theme.

My theme is The Resistance Pack. There are marches every week for different causes in this great country of ours, and everyone is making posters to carry their message. This set serves as a guide to help people to get their point across loudly and clearly.

Tell us a story about you and fonts.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the names of typefaces, after all some of my favorites have the word Grotesk in their names, but when I was designing my first child’s birth announcement, I found the most perfect font, because of the way it looked AND its name. It was a weird kind of messy script and it was called ASSWIPE.

What is your process for selecting typefaces?

I probably have about 20 “go-to” or favorite fonts, but if I am l looking for something specific, I can spend hours studying and comparing the way different characters respond to each other. Exploring typography is definitely one of my favorite parts of my job.

What is your advice for designers working with fonts?

Know what you are looking for BEFORE you start looking for a font. Don’t just go in and randomly change the font and see how it looks, but rather do it with intent. Know if you want something condensed or something elegant or something that screams, before you begin. Then you can compare similar fonts and see which fits the need best, instead of comparing apples and oranges.

What is your advice for people new to typography?

Draw type. Draw entire alphabets. With a pen on paper. Trace them. Invent your own. Get familiar with every detail of a single alphabet. Study what people have done for the last century and before that. That’s how you learn what different typefaces communicate and why. These activities will help guide you when you are deciding what kind of typography to use.

Fonts in this pack

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About Bonnie Siegler

Bonnie Siegler is the founder and Creative Director of Eight and a Half, a multi-disciplinary design studio. She has been named one of the 50 most influential designers working today by Graphic Design USA. She is the author of Signs of Resistance: A Visual History of Protest in America, and Dear Client, This Book Will Teach You How to Get What You Want From Creative People. She also lectures on each of these subjects, separately.

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