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Wayfinding Font Pack

Curated by Type Network

Whether they’re on the highway or in the corridor maze of an office building, typefaces used in wayfinding systems are critical to guiding people through the world. We’ve curated a selection of typefaces designed to cover a variety of environments, balancing function with style.

Highway banners? Interstate has been literally road-tested for large outdoor signage, and New Hero is another great option when you need to catch people on the move. Or bring a more personal touch to your building signage with Navigo. (Don’t miss the pictograms!) For that stencilled look, Axia’s worth a try as well.

All of the typefaces in this font pack feature taller x­-heights and characteristics that enhance legibility. In addition to working beautifully for signage, they can be used for all manner of print, digital, and environmental applications.

Fonts in this pack

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About Type Network

Type Network is a growing alliance of the best independent type designers and foundries from around the world. From elegant scripts to editorial superfamilies and everything in between, Type Network has the right type for any project.

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