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Francesco Canovaro

Francesco Canovaro has found in visual design and typography the natural evolution of his studies in painting and computer programming. With Debora Manetti and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini he founded the transmedia branding agency Kmzero and the type foundry Zetafonts, designing over forty typeface families and countless custom fonts. His typefaces include Aquawax, Heading (Winter Type Games 2017 Bestseller on, Blacker (selected by among the Best new families of 2019), Kitsch (selected by among the Best fonts of 2019), Stadio Now (TDC68) and Bakemono (DNA Paris 2021, D&AD 2022). As much feared as loved by his students in creative direction and typography courses, he is often seen at type conferences listening to talks while creating new typefaces on his laptop. He lives in Florence with his wife and two kids whose names end with consonants.