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Ino Kumano

Calligrapher / Calligraphy Instructor

Kumano’s main works include: the inscription commemorating the construction of Nunome Dam; the inscription for Nara City’s Nuclear-free Declaration; the title for the musical drama, “Tempo-no-Shakespeare”, directed by Yuko Ninagawa; the title for Hakutsuru brewery’s sake, Suzuyaka-reishu; the title for Ajinomoto’s gift bottled bonito soup stock, “Katsuo dashi tsuyu”, and soy sauce, “Ki Shoyu”; the titles for Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Company’s sakes such as “Kuradashi shibori”; and the title for Nikka Whisky’s spirit, “Ayame”.
She has won the Award of Excellence and the Members’ Award, etc. at the Japan Design Calligraphy Awards, and the Award of Excellence and other prizes at Yomiuri Shohokai’s exhibition. In 2016, she published a book titled I want to write in a good hand.