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Kazimir is a Modern serif style typeface with five weights, from light to bold, with matched italics. The face has slightly narrowed proportions, long extenders and dynamic strokes reminiscent of the rhythms of transitional serifs. Kazimir is a reworking of book typography of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and specifically of the typeface used in the book, History of Russian Literature, by P. N. Polevoy, published by A. F. Marks in 1900. Kazimir blends various features of pre-revolutionary Russian typography with contemporary ideas of fashion, form and harmony.

It also contains two stylistic sets, one default and one alternate, called Regular and Irregular, respectively. The latter set offers characters in bizarre shapes that are difficult to imagine as a text face but that works well in large sizes.

Released in early 2015, Kazimir was later extended with it’s text version Kazimir Text.

For additional license options like app and enterprise, visit Kazimir on Type Network.

CSTM Fonts

Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky, founders of CSTM Fonts (2014) and font distributor (2016) are both graphic and type designers.

They graduated from Moscow State University of Print (Graphic Design Department), where they took Alexander Tarbeev’s classes. Later Ilya Ruderman graduated from Type & Media (Royal Academy of Art), the Hague, the Netherlands. After graduation he was a tutor of Type&Typography course at British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow (2008-2015), and an art-director of information agency RIA Novosti. He designed Cyrillic versions of typefaces such as Lava, Graphik, Neutraface and others, for Typotheque, Commercial Type, Typonine and House Industries. He is an author of: Permian typeface, Big City Grotesque and several other corporate typefaces.

Before 2013 Yury Ostromentsky worked mostly as an editorial designer and art-director of BigCity Magazine, where he used his personal lettering that was the base of the Pilar typeface. He is an author of several book series designs and logotypes.

Both typefaces of Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky were the winners of such type design competitions as Modern Cyrillic 2009, Modern Cyrillic 2014, Granshan 2011, European Design Award 2012. Kazimir typeface and Tele2 Typefamily, the CSTM Fonts’s latest releases, were among the winners of Granshan 2015.

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