Pagination in the Typekit API

This is documentation for Typekit’s original API. This API is still supported, but we encourage you to try the newer Typekit Platform API.

The responses from some API endpoints are paginated to reduce the amount of data transferred.

You can control the pagination by providing page and per_page integer parameters. For example:

$ curl -s '' | jsonpretty
  "library": {
    "id": "full",
    "link": "/api/v1/json/libraries/full",
    "name": "Full Library",
    "families": [
        "id": "nmpn",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/nmpn",
        "name": "Abagail"
        "id": "dltb",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/dltb",
        "name": "Adage Script"
    "pagination": {
      "count": 485,
      "on": "families"
      "page": 1,
      "page_count": 243,
      "per_page": 2

The list of families in this library has been paginated. The pagination attribute gives more information:

Pagination parameters are limited - if you request a page that is too high or too many objects per page you will get a 400 error.