Pagination in the Typekit API

The responses from some API endpoints are paginated to reduce the amount of data transferred.

You can control the pagination by providing page and per_page integer parameters. For example:

$ curl -s '' | jsonpretty
  "library": {
    "id": "full",
    "link": "/api/v1/json/libraries/full",
    "name": "Full Library",
    "families": [
        "id": "nmpn",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/nmpn",
        "name": "Abagail"
        "id": "dltb",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/dltb",
        "name": "Adage Script"
    "pagination": {
      "count": 485,
      "on": "families"
      "page": 1,
      "page_count": 243,
      "per_page": 2

The list of families in this library has been paginated. The pagination attribute gives more information:

Pagination parameters are limited - if you request a page that is too high or too many objects per page you will get a 400 error.