Making requests to the Typekit API

The Typekit API consists of a number of endpoints. Each endpoint represents a resource (a kit, a font family etc) that can be manipulated. You access the Typekit API by making HTTP requests to these endpoints.

For example, to get information about one of the kits hosted by Typekit in JSON format, you can make a GET request to like so:

$ curl -s | jsonpretty
  "kit": {
    "id": "qba6sms",
    "families": [
        "id": 'ykqk',
        "name": "Bello Pro",
        "css_names": [
        "css_stack": "\"bello-pro-1\",\"bello-pro-2\",sans-serif",
        "variations": [


Throughout the API documentation we use rails-style URL descriptions. For example, the URL contains several components:

This could be rewritten as, where :format and :kit are parameters we want to pass to the API.

In most cases we'll also ignore the API root and format, giving us kits/:kit/published.

HTTP Methods

The HTTP method used is significant:

In some cases you may not be able to issue a DELETE request. In this scenario you can send a POST request with a _method=DELETE parameter and the API will treat it as a DELETE request.


Many API endpoints allow you to pass extra information about your request. The parameters page explains how to format these parameters.