This is documentation for Typekit’s original API. This API is still supported, but we encourage you to try the newer Typekit Platform API.

A font family

Request methods

Returns information about the font family


Path parameters:

The family ID


Getting information on droid-sans:

$ curl -s https://typekit.com/api/v1/json/families/pcpv | jsonpretty
  "family": {
    "browse_info": {
      "width": [
      "language": [
      "x_height": [
      "weight": [
      "number_style": [
      "classification": [
      "contrast": [
      "capitals": [
      "recommended_for": [
    "id": "pcpv",
    "name": "Droid Serif",
    "libraries": [
        "id": "trial",
        "name": "Trial Library",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/libraries/trial"
        "id": "personal",
        "name": "Personal Library",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/libraries/personal"
        "id": "full",
        "name": "Full Library",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/libraries/full"
    "css_stack": "serif",
    "foundry": {
      "name": "Google Android",
      "slug": "google-android"
    "variations": [
        "id": "pcpv:n4",
        "name": "Droid Serif Regular",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/pcpv/n4",
        "fvd": "n4"
        "id": "pcpv:i4",
        "name": "Droid Serif Italic",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/pcpv/i4",
        "fvd": "i4"
        "id": "pcpv:n7",
        "name": "Droid Serif Bold",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/pcpv/n7",
        "fvd": "n7"
        "id": "pcpv:i7",
        "name": "Droid Serif Bold Italic",
        "link": "/api/v1/json/families/pcpv/i7",
        "fvd": "i7"
    "description": "Droid Serif is a contemporary serif typeface family designed for comfortable reading on screen. Droid Serif is slightly condensed to maximize the amount of text displayed on small screens. Vertical stress, sturdy serifs and open forms contribute to the readability.",
    "web_link": "http://typekit.com/fonts/droid-serif",
    "slug": "droid-serif"

Converting "droid-sans" slug into a font id (more info):

$ curl -s -i https://typekit.com/api/v1/json/families/droid-sans | jsonpretty
HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
Connection: close
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 23:24:19 GMT
Location: /api/v1/json/families/gkmg
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 60

  "family": {
    "id": "gkmg",
    "link": "/api/v1/json/families/gkmg"